Tomato pasta Sauce PUTTANESCA

Tradition says that our tomatoes, 100% from Emilia-Romagna, can be enhanced by capers and olives, giving birth to one of the most classic italian sauces for pasta, our SUGO alla PUTTANESCA Mussini.

Code: MG6501

Content: 18.0oz
Box: 12pz

Main ingredients
Tomato (100% from Emilia-Romagna), Olives, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Capers.

Ideal with
Ideal with spaghetti and penne lisce, but you have to try it with conchiglie rigate and even with ravioli!!
SUGO alla PUTTANESCA Mussini is ready to be poured on drained pasta, or you can warm it on a low flame to enhance the aroma.

Cooking tips
Some sprinkled parsley and a few drops of raw Extra-Virgin Olive Oil will give a summer scent to your dish, and you can complete it with a teaspoon of freshly grated Parmesan Cheese.

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